Bijoux Catering’s location at Zurich Film Festival 2020 - Frauenbad
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A new, more efficient, and high-tech production unit
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Bijoux Catering: “Performance is in our DNA”

With its ability to plan ahead, to innovate and to react to changing circumstances, Bijoux Catering has thrived during the global health crisis and now strives to offer even better services.

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Bijoux Catering's expertise in the service of Zurich Airport’s VIP Lounges

The luxury caterer Bijoux Catering has worked with Zurich Airport for the past three years. It is the supplier of Zurich Airport’s VIP Lounges, which provide exclusive, high-end services for ambassadors, politicians and stars seeking discretion. Bijoux Catering is proud to be associated with these lounges. This partnership is a reflection of the trust placed in Bijoux Catering for its performance, competency and expertise in VIP catering.

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Caviar from Maison Prunier: culinary luxury

Delight your taste buds with a luxury delicacy! At Bijoux Catering, we choose quality and excellence with high-end produce, such as the caviar of Maison Prunier, with which we work in close collaboration. We use this elegant and refined product in our recipes to satisfy the most demanding palates. 

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