Speed Package, a turnkey solution for your events
Speed Package, a turnkey solution for your events

Would you like to organise private cocktail receptions, gala events, professional seminars and other Corporate Events ?

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Catering service for private jets in Zurich and Basel


Catering service for private jets in Zurich and Dübendorf

Bijoux Catering has branched into the luxury aircraft catering sector with a new high-end service. For all your private jet trips from Zurich and Dübendorf, we can create an assortment of dishes and a complete meal that will thrill your customers' discerning taste buds.

We can tailor our dishes to suit your flight schedule and the number of passengers. Every detail is painstakingly worked out, including easy-to-serve dishes, high-quality produce with full freshness locked in, creation of high-end meals, and much more.

Leveraging their experience of working in the most prestigious establishments, the chef and his team offer luxury culinary delights for all your VIP jet trips.

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Order your meal trays for your private or business flights

Are you a flight attendant? Look no further than our team's expertise to give your passengers a real treat. Forget about the constraints of air travel and lay on a fine-dining experience. Bijoux Catering Zurich takes care of it all.

Logistics and quality control are the keywords of our company. For all your VIP catering orders, our teams can draw on their high standards and flexibility to guarantee complete satisfaction.

Whatever the time of day or the flight duration, our meals are the perfect solution. With a wide range of sweet and savoury flavours, paired with the ideal wine, treat your passengers to a unique experience at an altitude of over 12,000 m.


Feel free to place your order or contact our sales team for more information:

Telephone: +41 435 531 207

Fax: +41 448 309 121

Email: info@bijouxcatering.ch

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