Bijoux Catering for Inflight Catering and Private Jets

With its competent staff and expertise in the field of catering, Bijoux Catering also provides a high-end meal preparation and delivery service for private and commercial flights, as well as airport lounges.

 Our high-tech equipment, efficient logistics, partner network, speed of service and responsiveness make Bijoux Catering a reputed and essential service provider in the air travel sector. Our strength? Our operational flexibility, which enables us to adapt to all your requests.

Bijoux Catering guarantees performance with teams on hand and managers on duty around the clock, who are able to make decisions fast and organise operations and services in line with your requirements, and in accordance with all safety, customs and hygiene standards and processes.

This operational professionalism is combined with high-end cuisine: always at the cutting-edge of culinary trends, our team of chefs constantly evolves and innovates to satisfy you and meet your requirements. Bijoux Catering offers a varied mixture of flavours, influences and inventiveness for a delightful culinary experience. Placing your trust in Bijoux Catering is the guarantee of quality service and excellence, in line with your expectations. Do you need solutions for air travel? We have the ability to deliver them.

Company values

Bijoux Catering's philosophy is centred on the values of excellence, creativity and discipline.
Our team takes each event very seriously and makes the satisfaction of your desires a point of honour.
Our employees are always available to listen to your needs and propose suitable solutions. From fresh products, respected deadlines, rigorous coordination to availability, package customisation and consideration for dietary restrictions, your needs become ours.

In-flight Catering & Private Jet
Corporate & Private Events