Bijoux Catering - Caterer in Switzerland

Bijoux Catering is a luxury caterer located in Switzerland, which offers the pleasures of delicious, refined gastronomy both on land and in the air.

Whether for professional or private purposes, our team's full talent is at your service to put together for you customised services that correspond to your desires and budget, so you can enjoy the moment without having to concern yourself with logistics and organisation.

We also offer high-quality meal preparation and delivery services for private flights, commercial flights or airport lounge areas. Our high-tech teams, efficient logistics and responsiveness make Bijoux Catering a respected, top-quality player in the aviation sector.

This operational discipline is tied to high-quality cuisine. Our team of cooks always stays abreast of the latest trends and is constantly changing, offering you a wide range of flavours, influences and invention for your complete enjoyment.

Company values

Bijoux Catering's philosophy is centred on the values of excellence, creativity and discipline.
Our team takes each event very seriously and makes the satisfaction of your desires a point of honour.
Our employees are always available to listen to your needs and propose suitable solutions. From fresh products, respected deadlines, rigorous coordination to availability, package customisation and consideration for dietary restrictions, your needs become ours.

Employee expertise and knowledge

This respected and dynamic company was founded by Rachid Benboudy, a young entrepreneur holding the two positions of chef and manager. As a cook, he studied alongside master chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Edgar Bovier, who helped define his gastronomic world. With this wealth of precious, formative experiences, Rachid Benboudy added another arrow to his quiver by specialising in management in a training course at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

In 2013, the young entrepreneur started out on his Bijoux Catering journey. To do that, he gathered together a passionate group of employees who have also become the mainstays of Bijoux Catering's level of expertise. Through their talent and personality, each of them bring an essential ingredient to the recipe, contributing to the company's success. Always focused on offering the best to its clients, Bijoux Catering carefully selects its employees and provides them with the appropriate training for achieving excellence.

Bijoux Catering has grown bit by bit and explored new horizons. The company has become a luxury caterer in the aviation industry and remains open to any interesting opportunities that come its way.

Our staffing service meets the individual requirements of your events

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This is why Bijoux Catering’s new staffing service is based on a pool of resources dedicated entirely to promoting your image, embodying your identity and highlighting your brand.

Building on its expertise in providing elegance, refinement and personalised luxury services, our team ensures the perfect solution for your events and projects, to turn them into memorable moments.
Our staffing solution is built on several services, which combine to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements. Do you need charming and professional hosts and hostesses for an auto show or to highlight your brand?
We orchestrate all of your requests in order to deliver an impeccable service, whether it’s for an event reception, assistance during a show, a tasting, flyer distribution at venues, or a product launch. Furthermore, as an official supplier of Swiss airports, we have full runway access so our staff can be close at hand for your clients: a major asset for your image and your events.

Whether you are a company, an event planner or an advertising firm, our ambition is to provide you with first-class staff for your event. More than staffing, we invite you to discover and share an experience and an art of living.

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Corporate & Private Events