In-flight Catering in Bern Airport

Discover our flight services in Bern

Bijoux Catering places its air travel expertise and gastronomic excellence in the service of the international airport of Bern, the Swiss capital. We are the airport’s official caterer at all points of sale, including flights, private flights, duty-free, shops and tobacconists.

Bijoux Catering is a leading caterer in Bern, and an essential and reputed service provider in the aviation sector, equipped with high-tech facilities and efficient logistics. With its efficient staff and sense of service, it will contribute to the airport’s growth and development.

Founded in 1929 by the airline Alpar, Bern Airport has a long history, as the Swiss capital has enjoyed a close relationship with the aviation sector since 1910, when the first Swiss air show was held. The airport is a powerful driving force for the growth of the regional economy and tourism sector. In a friendly, family atmosphere, it welcomes passengers in the public, private and federal air travel sectors, with a service offering designed for the convenience and well-being of all, including VIP lounges, nearby ski resorts and luxury hotels in the surrounding area. Bern Airport also provides direct flights to three European destinations: Kos, Crete and Rhodes.

  • Laundry
  • Trolley maintenance and cleaning
  • Back-up catering
  • Offloading
  • “Belly to Galley” services
  • Customs service
  • On-board sale service
  • Preparation and delivery of trolleys (commercial flights and low-cost airlines)
  • Comprehensive administrative and IT management of duty-free loads

Our services include a product sale service on board flights to provide you with all the necessary comfort. We prepare, deliver and manage the logistics of trolleys for the sale of food on commercial flights and low-cost airlines. From the reception of goods to the post-flight inventory, including the preparation of the trolley and the delivery, we have the entire administrative management of the load covered.