In-flight Catering

Discover our commercial flight services

Bijoux Catering offers efficient service with precise timing to guarantee high-quality catering.
We can deliver to you 365 days per year through our high-tech equipment and our proven logistics. 
Our fleet of advanced vehicles and lift trucks allow our experienced professionals to deliver meals directly to air planes thereby ensuring quick, complete service. In addition, our ability to adapt and our availability enable us to meet all our your needs and ensure extended operating hours throughout the entire year.

In a concerted effort to meet the needs of each client, we adapt to special requests, including kosher requests, halal products and vegetarian menus.

Bijoux Catering also offers an on-board sales service: from merchandise reception to after-flight inventory, including food-sales trolley preparation, maintenance and delivery, we oversee all stocking and storing administrative management.

[Basel- Mulhouse Airport LFSB-MLH  | St. Gallen Altenrhein Airport, ACH/LSZR | Bern Airport  ‎BRN ]

  • High-performing delivery catering service delivery direct to aircraft
  • Fleet of cutting-edge vehicles: vans and highloaders
  • Storage warehouses

Bijoux Catering in Zurich uses high-performing logistics to guarantee an efficient express service. We have vans and highloaders to ensure direct delivery to aircraft and to guarantee your deadlines are met, as well as warehouses for storing equipment. Our organisation allows us to respond to requests quickly for your satisfaction.
  • Laundry
  • Trolley maintenance and cleaning
  • Back-up catering
  • Offloading
  • “Belly to Galley” services
  • Customs service
  • On-board sale service
  • Preparation and delivery of trolleys (commercial flights and low-cost airlines)
  • Comprehensive administrative and IT management of duty-free loads

Our services include a product sale service on board flights to provide you with all the necessary comfort. We prepare, deliver and manage the logistics of trolleys for the sale of food on commercial flights and low-cost airlines. From the reception of goods to the post-flight inventory, including the preparation of the trolley and the delivery, we have the entire administrative management of the load covered.