Speed Package, a turnkey solution for your events
Speed Package, a turnkey solution for your events

Would you like to organise private cocktail receptions, gala events, professional seminars and other Corporate Events ?

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Inflight catering Zurich - Commercial Aircraft


An unparalleled catering express service in Zurich for commercial flights as

  • Regulated Supplier for In-Flight Supplies (Approval CH/RS/00010-01)
  • Specialists in high-end catering
  • Daily deliveries for scheduled and unscheduled flights
  • Operating 365 days a year
  • Adapts to culinary requirements
  • Responsive and available at your request

Regulated Supplier of In-flight Supplies

Our renowned professionalism in the private jet domain and our customised VIP catering services make us specialists in high-end catering, offering superior quality, even on standard menus.

Enriched by this know-how and expertise, we now offer our services to the commercial flight sector. Whether for upscale services or to meet the needs of low-cost airlines, we guarantee an unparalleled express service and perfect timing, resulting in truly excellent catering.

We use high-tech, high-performing equipment and all means of logistics required for daily deliveries to scheduled flights. As we operate 365 days a year, the freshness of our food delivered to the airport is guaranteed. Our responsiveness and availability mean we are able to offer extended working hours.

We are keen to meet everybody’s culinary requirement, so we adapt to all manner of special requests, such as kosher food, sushi, oriental dishes and halal products, to name just a few. The well-being and comfort of passengers are among our priorities. Providing a well-being package to our clientele is our daily motivation.

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Catering services for lounges

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  • Daily delivery to VIP lounges
  • Diverse, customised menus
  • Express service with orders taken up to 3 hours before delivery
  • Creation of integrated concepts for VIP lounges

Bijoux Catering Zurich offers a daily delivery and service to lounges in Zurich Airport with the promise of menus to match your taste and your dietary preferences. We respond to all requests, regardless of the menu type. The efficiency of our logistics and the responsiveness of our team allow us to supply our on-site chefs on a daily basis, meaning we take care of everything from preparation, reception to service. A seal of quality in both service and food.

High-tech logistics

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  • High-performing delivery catering service delivery direct to aircraft
  • Fleet of cutting-edge vehicles: vans and highloaders
  • Storage warehouses

Bijoux Catering in Zurich uses high-performing logistics to guarantee an efficient express service. We have vans and highloaders to ensure direct delivery to aircraft and to guarantee your deadlines are met, as well as warehouses for storing equipment. Our organisation allows us to respond to requests quickly for your satisfaction.

Sale on board

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  • Customs service
  • On-board sale service
  • Preparation and delivery of trolleys (commercial flights and low-cost airlines)
  • Comprehensive administrative and IT management of duty-free loads

Our services include a product sale service on board flights to provide you with all the necessary comfort. We prepare, deliver and manage the logistics of trolleys for the sale of food on commercial flights and low-cost airlines. From the reception of goods to the post-flight inventory, including the preparation of the trolley and the delivery, we have the entire administrative management of the load covered.

Complementary catering services

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  • Laundry
  • Trolley maintenance and cleaning
  • Back-up catering
  • Offloading
  • “Belly to Galley” services