Bijoux Catering: “Performance is in our DNA”

Posted on: Friday, June 26, 2020

With its ability to plan ahead, to innovate and to react to changing circumstances, Bijoux Catering has thrived during the global health crisis and now strives to offer even better services.

How did you react to Covid-19?

Before Covid, we were growing. We were able to plan ahead when the virus arrived. We had heard about it in January and we were able to adapt when it came here. We were prepared. In our business, our staff members often work to tight deadlines and demonstrate their responsiveness and flexibility. We were able to cope with the bankruptcy of Niki Airline, one of the airlines with which we used to work. This experience helped us to understand crisis management.

This period has helped us to work on our projects, to question ourselves and to focus on solutions and strategies to meet our clients’ demands.

What impact has this health crisis had on the company?

Despite the pandemic, Bijoux Catering is still growing. We have anticipated our clients’ demands by offering innovations as part of our various services and by offering new services within various sales channels, both in the air and on the ground. Innovation is in our DNA: we’re committed to boosting our performance, whether in terms of operations, administrative work or production! Our start-up mentality is a real strength!

What advantages do you have over your competitors?

We are competing with international companies which find it more difficult to make quick decisions because of their size. We have the same licences as bigger companies. But what sets us apart is precisely our ability to act immediately, our flexibility and our responsiveness. We can adapt to any situation, setting up processes quickly and ensuring that the logistics are perfectly organised. We love a challenge and we’re driven to succeed: this encourages us to move forward, to improve and to provide even higher quality services.

How can this growth be seen?

We are always at the forefront of innovation and we respond to numerous calls for tenders. We don’t wait for business to come to us: we go where the business is, driven by our expertise in VIP and in-flight catering.

We ensure the long-term loyalty of our partners and we operate in multiple locations: We continue to invest to modernise, to meet various requirements.